Rise Of The Argonauts Review

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This is Sparta! Wait…no…

It’s been a while since a game has gone back to settings as far as ancient Greece. Maybe Im just a little behind the times and have overlooked a few recently, but there’s very few games which go back to that setting and even dabble in the Greek Mythology and pull it off well enough to warrant a full play through with a lot of time devoted into it. Rise of the Argonauts is one of its first.

Our game starts with our hero King Jason wedding, which is rudely interrupted by someone from a clan known as the Blacktongues, his interruption leads to the death of Jason’s bride. Jason unable to let go and hell bent on revenge devotes himself to the gods to embark on a journey in any way he can to bring back his beloved Alceme. This at first love story however turns into something much more sinister. Jason’s journey will bring him to many people, some who will befriend him and join him on his quest, some to halt him.

The game plays out over a series of levels in which you must travel around the island and areas gathering information and ultimately leading to contacting the bloodlines to aid you in your quest for the Golden Fleece.

Whilst the game primarily focus’ on combat the game also plays well on some of the other features needed to get everything out of the game.

Conversations with characters are one way the game will also progress as you will have control of what Jason says at certain points in your chit chat, each reply having some form of impact on how the other person will react, what they may tell you or in some cases what you may get out of it.

Other parts in the game can require you to be inspective, to search areas high and low for certain characters and other things which can either influence your main quest or aid your character in short side quests.

Weapons and armour can be collected on your journeys each with their own pros and cons in battle. Jason can carry three weapons, a sword, mace and spear each which have their own combat styles and special attacks. Chaining combos is easy to get hold of and even possible to master combos stringing over different weapons.

Utilising all the deeds to get more God powers is a very hard thing and may even take a couple of play throughs to get all of them down.

You can also unlock power ups to use in game. Power ups known as God Powers are purchasable from shrines dedicated to the four gods, when you fulfil deeds in your star sign lists you can use these deeds to dedicate to a certain god, these are in a way experience points, enough of these points will earn you an aspect point which can be used to purchase a power up to use in battle.

The games combat mechanics play similar to that of say Viking, whilst there’s not as much fighting in it as Viking (which is a shame to say the least) you won’t be fighting alone. From the start, Jason’s good friend Hercules will join in and come times when its time to lock heads Hercules will always have your back and be entertaining some of the enemies you’re currently not hacking at. As your story progress’ you’ll meet more people who will want to join your group of Argonauts, some for quest purposes and some to take along for battle, you can take 2 other Argonauts along with you at a time.

Yet again we have a game which doesn’t push boundaries of the console, yet shows what the console is capable of doing with each, the game doesn’t suffer in any sense visually and looks brilliant from the water reflected caves to the gardens and forest areas of which you’ll explore.

All voice acting here fits relatively well to the game, whilst dragging on a fair bit at times the game manages to tell a lot about the story and just the typical goings on of Ancient Greece including some of its mythology and the story of the Golden Fleece.

The main game itself can be quite long or quiet short, depending on your patience and interest. For example a player can easily complete all the main quest lines and ignore any side quest or unneeded conversation easily by not getting tangled up in it, whilst each island will last awhile, by going through finding all there is to find and getting the most out of your exploration by filling in requirements on your stars, this can easily add hours of extra game play to your mix.

The games difficulties also allow for multiple playthroughs, not forgetting some of the tricky achievements.

Rise of the Argonauts is a great game with a good story, even if a little incorrect and game play, whilst sometimes getting a little to talkative rather than fighting can be a little frustrating in some points this title still manages to rise above some of the role playing fighting games out there.



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