Resident Evil 5 Versus DLC Review

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Now, Ill be the first to step up and defend Resident Evil 5 for its pace in game play, whilst seeming slow, the game isn’t gears of war, its not Halo, and it stays true to its game play style that truly put it on the mainstream map with Resident Evil 4. But in putting the same great Single player experience into a multiplayer mode, is where we start to go downhill, and where Ill happily sit step down from the comments.

Online multiplayer is quite simple here, there are just 2 game types which are doubled by FFA styles and team based. The first game type is Slayer, which is a point based game in which the players have to kill Maijini to score points, of course, the highest points by the end of the match wins.

The second game type called Survivor is more the opposite way around, in which you must fight other enemies in order to score points and win.

Now whilst this doesn’t immediately sound bad, the slow themed shooting ultimately adds frustration to the game. Whilst characters are the same to Mercenaries and come complete with their own weapon selections certain weapons are way over powered in which you wouldn’t expect. I.E. Pistols can overcome an AK47; this is a mix of both power and accuracy. But when players literally have to align themselves, stop and then shoot at each other until one falls down, the multiplayer novelty of the game soon falls and you’re sat facing a part of the game you wish you hadn’t forked out for.

The pack comes with its own painful collection of achievements and extra characters can be unlocked by purchasing them with the points you earn from both getting ranks in single player and finishing an online game.

One itchingly annoying comment would be the way lobbies are set up also. When bringing up a list of rooms to join a lot of the time, rooms can be cancelled or started before you’ve picked it, now this happens in any online scenario where lobby lists don’t automatically update, its just how things go, but seriously Capcom, do we need to be taken back to the Versus Press Start screen EVERY TIME WE DON’T GET INTO A ROOM? Whilst it may seem something rather bleak to pick up on, after having to go through 3 menus worth of choices just to be brought to a lobby list which has probably closed before it was put on the list it really does begin to grate, especially once you do get into a room and realize ‘Is this all really worth it?’ After all, they did a brilliant job with Lost Planets lobbies.

Overall Whilst its at a cheap 400 Microsoft Points, the small addition to the game is something probably best for just with friends so the low price tag MAY just make it worth it. Whilst I hope that Capcom continue to bring additional content to this game, I really hope they take a longer look at what’s going into it.


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