Resident Evil 5 Capcom First To Play Event

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Resident Evil 5 Capcom First to Play Event

Friday 13th this month may have brought some rather unlucky things to many of you, however this Fri 13th was extra lucky and a day to remember thanks to Capcom inviting us to a special First to Play event for 5th instalment (numerically wise at least) of Capcoms zombie horror giant, Resident Evil.

Train after train, myself and a friend (Chris) soon found ourselves in Hammersmith, after a few hours of time killing and ‘sight seeing’ we took a walk down to Capcom’s UK Headquarters and got ourselves in at the desk.

Once we got to Capcoms floor, myself, my friend and a few others who had joined us on the way had been ushered into a meeting room filled with HD TV’s and Xbox’s all running Resident Evil 5, all co-op system linked in twos. So enough of that, more onto the playing, that’s what you’re here for.

Most of you are familiar with the demo, our game started right at the beginning, we were playing the full title, meaning we could go through as fast or as slow as we liked, eventually encountering the two demo levels. Myself and my friend decided to see how far we could get through to unveil any extra special stuff storyline or game play wise, we were one of the furthest in the room, though secrets, we came across none. Sorry.

Ben did his rounds making sure we got to have a chat…

What we did find however is how much more impressive the game is beyond the demo, a majority of people are unhappy with the controls, now I cant say that you can run and shoot, because that’s just not Resident Evil, though there are around 4 different control settings including that of one which closer resembles Resi 4, so you can experiment, see which one that suits.

On our travels we experience a vast majority of different settings, whilst most were centred around the town, we were soon exploring a docks area right on the edge of the town just before taking things underground through a labyrinth of tunnels and mine shafts.

Here we got to experience one of the ways the co-op plays really well. As most people know the game features sections usually doors or unreachable areas which require your friends aid to complete, in the tunnels it was so dark and filled with enemies one of us would have to hold a lantern and light our way through whilst the other took shots and protected us from anyone attacking, whilst combat can be quite intense and active as it is, there’s moment like this where you really need to work together in order to make it through alive, and definitely somewhere were we need to stick close. Me and Chris got to show XCN’s Acey Bongos teamwork at its finest through this section. wink.gif

The room before we managed to get our hands on Resi 5…

We came across new weapons in the game unfortunately though we weren’t supplied with as much ammo around the levels as we’d have liked, each bullet really does count, other weapons aside from the demo included the Scorpion (hidden in the demo) and a Drakunov sniper rifle. Aside from your standard Majini enemies we also came across dogs, similar to those in RE4 and a few boss characters you wouldn’t want to meet down a dark alley any time soon.

The ‘merchant’ system as its more commonly known from RE4 is now gone, sadly (We miss that cockney lad even if he dressed like an Aladdin stunt double) In his place, after each chapter, the money and items you earn now give you cash to spend on weapons, gear and upgrades. From there you can add these to your character before you start the next chapter or leave things in an ‘Inventory’ space which you can take stuff out and put in freely between chapters, but not during. Kind of like the big Inventory chests from the original RE series except only usable after each level.

A certain Xbla member showing Acey Bongo’s how its really done biggrin.gif

Unfortunately our time with Ben wasn’t long and questions like DLC/Extra game modes were left unanswered but we’re sure they’ll be something to keep our copies of the game firmly kept in our 360’s for a long time.

Resident Evil 5 is out March 13th 09, and the demo is available via Xbox Live Marketplace and PS Network.


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