Red Faction Guriella Preview

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Link to preview

After being a big fan of Volition, Inc’s Red Faction series, to hear that some sort of return to the RF universe was great to hear, the demo was previously open to select few and then opened to the full public’s downloading pleasure

The demo covers just one mission in a closed off section of the full map. Your mission is to steal a robotic walker and bring it to a certain point to escape with it. The more machines at your resistances arsenal the stronger fight you’ll have.

Immediately when you start the level your looking at a fantastic vision of just a small area of Mars, terraformed to support human life complete with building complex’s, cars and EDF facilities.

You start of with your trusty sledgehammer like melee weapon and a handful of satchel charges, how you reach the walker garage is up to you.

Between you and your goal are buildings, vehicles, EDF guards and the occasional civilian, you can try out your very best Sam Fisher impression and sneak your way through, you could even take it as a shooter and just shoot it out amongst the guards to achieve your goal, or maybe you could do it the fun way.

The guys behind Red Faction are and have been the proud owner of the engine Geo Mod, you may have heard of it, but what it specializes in is what makes it so unique, can you guess it?

Geography Modification or Geo Mod, to us was the first engine to really allow us to alter and modify the gaming world around us, couldn’t open a locked door? Oh no need, just blow a whole around the surrounding walls, that’ll fix you up good. And it did.

Now with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3’s technology, destroying things increases tenfold, so much to the fact that designers had to actually build and create houses to the same level of standard as the would have to in real life in order for it to not only fall to pieces properly, but collapse like they would in real life too.

As you blast, shoot and just all out assault this little settlement of EDF soldiers and buildings you’ll soon come across your objective, climb into it and the fun just just to number 11.

Once controlling the robot, you’re given an objective point not far from where you originally started. You can freely move and you have options to sweep and slam your juggernauts limbs around to cause maximum pain and destruction.

So, if you went all out nuts with your satchel charges on the way, your fun is fairly limited to lobbing a few vehicles across, but if you didn’t go ape on your way to the walker, then you have a lot of fun ahead of you.

The walker passes through buildings with ease, I’ve has characters walk through wind slower, just whack a hole in the wall and stroll on through as the buildings just crumble around you, throw your arms up like a loon and go crazy as walls, structures of frames and cars go everywhere.

Once you reach your destination your then on the back of a truck with a turret fending off the still pursuing EDF forces, yet another position to really show off your destructive skills.

The games promising demo not only shows what’s capable of the full game, but is just a small scale of how much fun you’ll have wrecking the place with impressive graphics and equal game play, Red Faction Guerilla could and might have to be your next game to get.


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