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With EA Artwerk still preservering to bring the new and best music to video games, it was about time they got a UK band on the label right? Our Interview gets into the heads of Pint Shot Riot, an upcoming band who you’ll have no escape come the next few EA releases, so I get the chance to get some PSR love and Baby Dave held all the answers…


Mechanical R: How did you get involved with Artwerk and EA?
Baby Dave:
Artwerk were looking for new music in the U.K when they found us. Basically they sent a scout to check us out, liked what they found and the rest is history.

MR: What does being under Artwerks label mean for the band now?
It gives us an outlet for our music which is very important to us as musicians. Also it gives us the chance to be part of some exiting projects with a group of talented people, which is amazing.

MR: Do you feel that video games is now one of the best ways to get your music heard now that gaming is becoming much more open to other groups of people and becoming more casual?
I’d agree it gives us a chance to be heard by groups of people we might not necessarily have reached, and of course it gives gamers a chance to check out something they might not have thought of. I guess that is the beauty of putting new music and games together.

MR: Do you guys feel that Artwerk is a good move for bands especially with getting out there and generating more interest for PSR?
It has to be an excellent move for any establishing band.

MR: What’s to date the best part about being with Artwerk, besides having songs on video games?
Having songs on video games! I’ve been a massive gamer since forever so the thought of putting a really good game into your console, firing it up and then hearing your own music is a dream! That, and they gave us our own body weight in Xboxes each for signing the deal.


MR: What games are you all playing the most recently?
I just put down NHL 09 to do this, loads of Fifa 09, Street fighter 4 and a bit of Mortal Kombat versus D.C universe. Anything 2 player with a bit of violence seems to work well for us generally. Me and mini are into guitar hero world tour at the moment too, perfect for a rhythm section returning from the pub!

MR: Out of the band, who is the most addicted gamer?
Its probably me. I live with a mate who is also a keen gamer and this has proved a slightly dangerous relationship in terms of gamer addiction!

Baby Dave, second from left

MR: What games can we expect to see some of your tracks making an appearance on?
Well, there is Sims 3 which is going to be amazing. We are also supplying the entrance music for a fighter on ‘Fight night round 4’ and we’re due to be supplying a song for Fifa 10. Fifa has been in my life for many years now so to become a part of it is a serious thrill, and it feels like an honour to be part of one of the all-time great games series.

MR: There’s still plenty of great games coming in the rest of 09, which ones are you most looking forward to?
I still have a few to catch up on, including the DLC for GTA4 but the one I’m waiting for is ‘UFC-undisputed. As I said, 2 player versus action plus violence equals a good gamer session for us usually! Also the Metallica guitar hero, and I’ve heard there could be a Beatles rock band, which would be ace.


MR: How did you come across the band name Pint Shot Riot?
Rocket came up with the name. He discovered that, using pre-emptive text on your mobile, if you text Pint, Shot and Riot comes up! We thought this was a stroke of genius as everyone in the country will have our name on their phone provided they text Pint!

MR: So far your still in the process of recording your debut album, could you tell us what to expect from your first LP?
We see our first album as the most precious thing we have ever made and we have been working as hard as we possibly can to make sure it is an amazing collection of songs. Its just an honest account of our lives and how it makes us feel, and people will take it as they will.

MR: Will we see any tours coming in line of your album launch?
We’re working on a few ideas for that at the moment so we will definitely be spreading the word when the time comes.

MR: 3 of you have nicknames, how did these come to become your stage names and why doesn’t Rob have one!
He does have one! His real name is Thelonius Monk but there was already an artist who was called that.

MR: Finally, will 2009 be the year for Pint Shot Riot?
100% certainty.

MR: Thanks a lot for your time guys!

Thanks for your time too – Baby Dave

Be sure to check out for more information and music by PSR, keep your ears at the ready in the next few EA games to come.


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