Gears Of War 2 Dark Corners DLC Review

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Dark Corners or ‘All Fronts Collection’ depending on your already purchased DLC. Is Gears of War 2’s most recent package of Downloadable joy. This packs a little bigger than usual, containing 6 new maps, one from Gears 1 and a deleted scene from the Gears of War 2 story campaign, that’s 8 new things to cure your Gears shakes in one lovely package.

The deleted scene is probably what most people have been more excited about since the announcement, primarily due to all the hassle Epic got for including a similar ‘additional act’ in the PC version of Gears 1. The scene ‘Road to Ruin’ is set between Acts 4 and 5. Following on from Dom’ tragic relevation and the pairs travel towards the Locust Queen. It follows from the cutscene with Marcus suggesting a certain route to sneak past straight to the Queen. From there, your given the decision to take the stealthier route or go in all guns blazing. From there, its all up to you.

When it comes to making the choice, its very easy to start off sneaky and find yourself gunning like a maniac not long after as the ‘stealth’ aspect is as simple as keeping away from the Locust. In true Metal Gear Solid style, the Loctusts are given liner and repetitive paths to follow. You and Dom in your special disguises have to get past being sure not to get to close to the Locist to prevent them from sniffing you out or unmasking you. Whilst going all guns is more fun and more…Gears of War, taking the stealth route rewards you in showing you how the events further unfold in a different way, the routes you take, and hell, it’s a little funny seeing Marcus dressed in Theron Guard gear with his little hat. Awww.

The deleted scene is fully playable online and offline on all four difficulties.

Now with that, comes all the multiplayer goodness of brand new maps.

The maps include Allfathers Garden, Memorial, Sanctuary, Highway, Way Station, Nowhere and Gears 1 favorite War Machine

Each of the 7 maps are well planned out and unqiue, with a fair mix of above surface areas and Locust/Nexus areas to ensure a variety of levels when playing online or with friends, certain levels also have environmental issues including dust storms and earthquakes due to nearby Brumaks.

After having a good session online with them, each map are just as fun to play with as the old ones, just adding more variety and fun with each map!

A respectively well priced piece of downloadable content. At 1200 MS points for the Dark Corners collection and just 1600 for the All Fronts Map pack, which includes Flashback, Combustable and Snowblind along with Dark Corners. Bargain, and just what everyone needs to get right back into Gears of War 2. Heres to hoping for a few more map packs and hell maybe some more deleted scenes?

Dark Corners and All Fronts Collection will be available on the 28th July.


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