Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Review

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Animes favourite robots return for more…

Opening Not so long ago I found myself playing Dynasty Warriors first jump into the Gundam universe, it was confusing having not being a Gundam fan, but I happily overlooked the story as I was quite content at chopping my way through the masses of giant mecha robots. Come on now, everyone has a soft spot for enormous mech’s just itching to beat the living bolts out of each other. Fortunately, DW: G2 has arrived and delivered more robots than I can shake a stick at and lots more opportunities to send more enemies to the junk yard.

Unlike the first DW: G G2 now has two game modes. Official and Mission. Official follows the anime series more closely and with more characters than the first. Mission mode takes a much more in-depth look at all the characters original storylines branching across almost all of the various storylines and series’.

Official only really gives around 5 missions for each character where ‘as Mission mode is a lot more expanded and well thought out for this sequel. Each character has a healthy batch of story missions to take part in, there are also other missions playable which are specific for collecting suit parts, maintaining friendships with other pilots and extra missions which all require certain specifications to take part in.

Something new to the game is the ability to find parts to mobile suits after you’ve defeated them, from these parts you can rebuild suits in order for you to be able to use different suits for each character. There’s also a Mobile Suit Lab where you can augment and add new items to certain items which you can find. All these have effects on your endurance and ability of your suit and can ultimately affect your battle.

The way the game plays itself hasn’t changed since Gundam, well. Infact it probably hasn’t changed since the dawn of Dynasty Warriors began. The maps are large and span over space, cities and open worlds seeing combat to the simple combos and special attacks with each individual mobile suit, giving you more than enough choice to pick your favourites and get levelling up.

Levelling up for each character also is increased to that of 30, meaning your going to have to sit tight and get the lead out on each level to get as much xp as you can!

It’s a shame that the graphics weren’t pushed to the max for this game this time round. Whilst visibly being an improvement, yet another game fails to push the boundaries of the Xbox 360, the only difference we really see are more intros and outros for the stories which yet again unfortunately don’t use any CG, rather just more in-game graphics.

The music again with Gundam is the typical guitar shredding music you’d expect behind a Japanese robot fighting game, just the occasional rocky tune or perhaps a more mellowed out action piece, nothing that gets the foot tapping or the heart pounding. Sadly.

Gundam 1 would take roughly around 90 solid hours to completely finish everything really in the game. With Mission mode, this will ultimately quadruple the play time, achievements have been better thought out and harder to get, and there’s plenty of free dlc coming to the marketplace.

Another must have for Gundam fans, even something for those in wait for the new Transformers 2 movie or even the new game just itching for some robo hazardous action. A game which will offer everything to the fans and a healthy plentiful game for those just looking for something different.



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