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To give this game some proper justice, cast our memories back to the thoughts of the Xbox live arcade classic Worms. Worms is one of the most popular games to come out in gaming and has grown with the generations now being most popular on mobile phones and of course the Xbox Live Arcade, so what happens when we take a more realistic tone to this style of game play and replace our squirmy cute invertebrates with hardened cold metal battle tanks?

Game play derives heavily from Worms, only rather than a turn based attack on two to four teams, we see a real-time combat take over with team death matches or the more popular free for all.

You start off with one weapon, which is your standard canons and are free to blast away at your enemies or through the random generated levels. Movement is slow and controlled by the triggers. As well as this, the game doesn’t have an easy targeting system. The game tells you, to use the left stick for both distance and angle, and away you go. Shooting is completely trial and error and quite harsh on new players. Earning points through destroying enemies will get you points which you can use to purchase items.

These items vary from more daring weaponry including nukes, to more tactical power ups, including jet packs for faster movement, auto turrets and a targeting system which tells you where your shots will hit and will last for one round only as to not make things too easy.

I’ll admit, my first play through with no idea on how to really get one up on the enemy with my lack of targeting help hindered my opinion on the game, however coming back to it the following day with more patience and a more focused head on my trajectory of shots made this game a lot more fun to play.

Visually, the game is impressive, the destructible environments with explosions and other effects going ten to the dozen in the heat of battle is a treat to look at in full HD.

The game starts off with the menu offering some heavy guitar riff, but then come game time it phases out into a rather bleak melody, all the more reason to break out the nukes and blast your way through till you’re the last tank standing, and of course like all XBLA titles, its custom soundtrack available.

Death Tanks lifetime lives in its multiplayer, whether it’s online or co-op. As single player drags out over an arcade mode with targets to take out to see how many kills you can get before your lives are up. A tutorial mode and two difficulty selections of a 20 round free for all between you and 3 AI tanks

A fun game

to get into if you’re a fan of Worms games, and a definite if you have the spare points and can’t wait long enough for Worms 2: Armageddon for the XBLA.



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