WOTB Commando 3 Review

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With Capcom’s Bionic Commando coming to arcade, some of the guys in the office must have just got a little bored and decided to kick out a new fun game that sticks along the lines of Assault Heroes gameplay. And as Capcom always do…they do a good job of it.

Rather than the recent arcade games with puzzle game after another we see ourselves with an Assault Heroes contender filled to the digitalized brim with action.

A trio of soldiers known as ‘The Jackals’ are a group who can amount over any odd’s no matter how great. Come and meet the team.

Each of the 3’s abilities in 3 areas vary. Damage, agility and grenade. The group Wolf, Coyote and Fox only differ by excelling in one each. So when the fight comes between who picks who, you won’t really have to worry.

The game whilst spanning over five 10 to 15 minute levels still retains an element of old school arcade within it. That being, you have 5 lives and 5 lives only, lose them all before the final boss? And you’ll be restarting the game again. A massive pain in the backside if you just lucked out at the end, but will keep you coming back to it.

Each level consists of A to B style play. You start off at point A. You need to get to point B. However there’s about 300+ angry people in your way, all with guns rockets and other lovely painful things.

Whilst on your travels, you’ll find weapon upgrades which can multiply the effect of your weapon, or upgrades which can change the effect of your gun, flamethrowers and rocket launchers are included on that list. However you can only have one of them, you’ll have to find another upgrade if you want to switch.

You’ll also have to keep your eyes open for POW’s. Prisoners of War can be found around the levels with large HELP! signs above their cages. Mow it down with a hail of bullets to set them free.

Occasionally you’ll find a turret you can climb into and create destruction in all 360 degrees you can spin in, and if that’s not enough, the seldom Jeep or Tank can also keep you and your co-op friends happy. Oops, did I forget that? The game has 1-3 player multiplayer, where you, 2 mates, or 3 mates can cause havoc offline and online through the campaign, sounds fun already right? Wait till all 3 of you jump in the tank.

A plus side to this game is the extreme ease of the controls. For such a action packed game it only uses the left stick for movement, right stick for direction and to fire, B if you need to get off or out a vehicle, the right trigger to throw a grenade and the left trigger to perform an ‘M-Crash’

M-Crashes would be the ‘wipe out everything in a small radius’ button. Good stuff for those dark times in need.

The game keeps with a non-serious style of gameplay with its cartoon, comic like cut scenes and menu screens all which move and act when scrolling through the menu choices.

Sadly, if you haven’t got a HD TV, you’ll find things like your stats on the HUD are way too small, and words can be blurry. Tis the attitude Capcom has with those who haven’t gone HD yet. ‘If you haven’t, Tough’ as first seen with Dead Rising and its pesky impossible to read objective markers and scrolling info.

Any music here is over drowned by the constant hail of gunfire coming from you, your friends and the enemy, though it maintains the fun style of play. One current problem would be if holding the fire button down for too long, the sound for the rifle will stick, and constantly play whether you’re shooting or not, till the end of the game. This is a problem which was commonly found in Rainbow Six Vegas/2

The 5 levels may sound like a short game, but even on the easiest of the 4 difficulties its not an easy feat to make it through the game in one piece. Finishing the game will allow you to choose the level you want to play next time round. But you got to finish the game first. The achievements aren’t menacingly difficult either to collect as many will pop up whilst your just casually playing.

A fun game to get stuck in with 1 or 2 more of your friends or even on your own. If you can’t wait for Bionic Commando Rearmed, then take a look at this. However if you have the extra Microsoft Points and fancy more of an interesting top-down game with a bit more depth, then Penny Arcades may be something to look into.

Rating: 6.8

Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Backbone Entertainment
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1-3
Features: Xbox Live


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