Warlords Review

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Arcade classic revival makes a mediocre return

Next up in Atari’s old school arcade revival is Warlords, a quick and crazy mini game which see’s you protecting your ‘king’ whilst trying to take out others using projectiles.

In each of the four corners of the screen lays a ‘king’ which is protected by a series of coloured blocks which surround the two sides open to being attacked. Your ‘paddle’ moves across the outside of the bricks, allowing you to protect your king and the blocks from the projectiles.

The game begins with one ball being fired from the centre, the ball then ricochets across the arena. Using your paddle you can bounce the ball towards the other player’s walls. On contact it weakens the blocks. When enough bricks have disappeared leaving a part of the king vulnerable, the ball can make contact with the king killing the player. The game consists of these levels of last man standing with the difficulty increasing as you progress. As time elapses in the level more balls are added to ensure all of you have a hard time trying to defend yourself. Confusing? It’s easier in real life, honest.

You can also catch the balls with your paddle, and with sacrifice of your protective blocks you can charge up your shot to deal more damage to enemy walls.

One thing with all Atari remakes is the choice of playing the game normally or on ‘Throttle Monkey’ mode. I’m unsure of the target audience for this game time, but on a game like this, you can’t help but think they just bunged this x4 speed version of the game in for the sake of things, and didn’t quite think it through properly as it just happens all to fast and your paddle only moves at the normal speed. Doesn’t take the sharpest of us to find a problem with that right?

With all Atari re-makes your given the option to play the re vamped version or the classic version. Why many people would want to play the simple pixilated version besides achievements is beyond me, as it’s rather difficult and just awkward to play properly.

The new version however if obviously more playable and more appealing to the eye than the classic. Its taken more of a futuristic and industrial look, with the kings looking more like construction tools or robots rather than a ‘king’ and the colourful blocks make the game something more interesting and nicer to look at.

The game doesn’t hold much to its name in terms of sound other than the balls bouncing around and off the shields and paddles. Time to reach over for your CD collection on this one.

With the game being quite difficult once you’ve reached about the third level, the game doesn’t always drive you to keep pushing yourself, because of the gameplay and simply that, it doesn’t hold a hell of a lot of life. Though the game makes a good play to pass the time, and even allows 2-4 of your friends to jump in when you start it up.

A nice and relatively cheap little game to pass the time, however due to the fact its painfully repetitive with little else to seriously offer and quite the steep difficulty curve, have a look at what else is on the marketplace before you lay down those 400 Microsoft Points on it.

Rating: 6.5

Published by: Atari
Developed by: Stainless Games
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1-4
Features: 16:9 Support, 480p Support, 720p Support, 1080i Support, Xbox Live


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