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Slapdash Games share with us what the Mayans did for entertainment back in the day…

For once in the long line of Arcade puzzle games we get, Tiqal is one of the few new and original puzzle game, though clearly influenced by the Puzzle god Tetris the game takes what is good about it and adds a lot more to make it its own.

The general idea of this game is a lot like Tetris, and those of you familiar with Tetris will recognize a lot of the shapes. The thing that sets this apart from Tetris is the fact your not aiming to take out lines, but instead blocks of colours, anything of 4 of the same blocks in a square shape or larger to do the trick. The catch being that after a certain amount of time elapses, your wall raises up a block or two, and if some of the blocks reach the top of the wall area, rather than game over, you lose yourself a life which can be re-earned with power-ups.

To make things a little easier, occasionally you’ll get the chance to grab a power up, there’s a wide variety of power ups which could eliminate a row or columns of blocks, to turning a section of your wall into one solid colour allowing you to combo more blocks on top to make a massive score for that go.

The games looks are good for a puzzle game from the arcade, the colours are vibrant and the explosions quite full on screen. The only problem being some of the colours of the blocks can blend in with the background images; this may cause you to miss-judge a position because you couldn’t see it. And its possible to have so much going on in the screen at one time you can see what’s going on, with block explosions, power-ups and other things going on all at once.

Besides hearing your blocks explode and the low level theme music the game hasn’t got much on the side of sound, allowing you to plug in your own tunes and perform some heavy combos to your favorite tracks.

The game has a large amount of levels to play through, each segment of levels are set into regions which you must progress through to reach the next one. Amongst all this the idea is you go through collecting items to allow you into a temple or pyramid in each level. After defeating the puzzles inside these areas you unlock a bonus round which can open up new blocks and upgrades to use in the games ahead.

Those interested in Mayan/Aztec kind of things might want to pay closer attention to the information given before the puzzles as there all historically true and accurate. Those who like it for just the puzzle game itself, you’ll have a lot of levels to get through if you want to see the end.

Tiqal is a really good puzzle game with an addictive personality which will keep you coming back to it. A game I’d recommend to most puzzle/Tetris lovers out there, and just those who are just interested in good and long lasting puzzle games. This arcade title is definitely worth a look and is available for just 800 Microsoft points off the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Rating: 7.1

Published by: Microsoft Game Studios
Developed by: Slapdash Games
Genre: Puzzle
Number of Players: 1-2
Features: 720p Support, Dolby Digital 5.1, Xbox Live, Mic/Headset Voice Support


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