Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta Preview

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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta

Arcade classic gets a revamping in time for new retail…

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix or SSFIITHDR for short…if you can call that short, has had Street Fighter fans wanting the game for a long time. Almost to the point that some haven’t realized a new next gen Street Fighter is also in the process. For now, the Beta of this is now available to those who bought Capcoms new WOTB: Commando 3 off the Xbox Live Arcade not long ago.

With the Beta obviously comes the opportunity to provide Capcom with suggestions and point out any glitches or bugs you may find on your playing session.

Sadly, the beta doesn’t really offer you much to explore with the game, as the only things available are the two characters Ryu and Ken only playable in multiplayer local, or online.

One word…Pwned.

Visually, the game looks brighter than the original and the backgrounds look a little cleaner. Other than that, the visuals don’t seem to be improved on in much way other than a quick retouching. The most impressive part on graphics would have to be the main menu with some colorful 3d visuals to show off the HD side to things a little bit more.

The games ‘turbo’ effect allows change with the speed of the game and adds the ability for a more charged attack to finish your enemy with, this can be turned on and off before you start your matches.

The matches are highly customizable, with game speed, player handicaps and many others to hone the game to your preferred style and play. The matches available are ranked, player or a tournament style play, you can have from 2 to 6 in a lobby, with two playing at a time and the winner taking on the next player.

Hadouken! A common move you’ll see in the game…

It would be too overly mean to say if Capcoms team were messing about with bringing this to the HD era, we’d probably have more too look forward to with the next gen Street Fighter and it would be here a bit sooner also. But I definitely feel if you want to play this HD version than it may be more suitable to wait for the game to come out on the arcade properly to spare you the extra 800. Or, get the older version which hit the Arcade Marketplace quite some time ago.

As this is a Beta and a very short beta at that, I cant really give it a rating, but I cannot see the success rate of this game being bigger than say the Mortal Kombat arcade title which came out years back. It only really appeals to the old fans, as new comers to Beat Em Ups will tend to wait for full Retail games to get fully in on the experience. Having said this though, I for one am looking forward to SF’s Next Gen appearance coming very soon.


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