Project Origin Fear 2 First Look Preview

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Link to preview

Earlier this week I was invited to Warner Bros to have a play test on Project Origin F.E.A.R. 2 before its launch on Feb 13th 2009. Whilst I got a good overall feel for a majority of the game, this preview here is all about telling you what the Multiplayer side of the game will have to offer.

Most people remember Fear 1 as a PC port with mainly office block maps and quite boxy level design, but now Monolith have taken the game up into the next generation fully and given a true sequel. None of that expansion pack riff raff.

The games weapons are completely brand new. I managed to play around with an assortment of assault rifles and shotguns all unique and interesting in design along with a re-worked and renamed Fear favourite, the Hammerhead, previously known as the brutal Penetrator. As well as that, I got to try out the re-vamped ASP Rifle which quickly made its way into my favourites list, along with the Missile Launcher, there was no escape from that.

The maps were surprisingly all well made and varied in depth; no more box corridors here, some of the open areas will provide some great gunfights along with the tighter narrower levels will result in some quick tactics and some crafty grenade play. Full online will support up to 16 players so you shouldn’t find yourself without a fight to get stuck right into off the bat.

In my 1v1 with our lovely event host, I managed to learn more about what separates Fear 2 from its predecessors and what directions the full game will take us in. Now, whilst I cant yet dish out the juice on the Single Player side of Fear 2, the multiplayer side will feature an XP counter, in which the points you earn from matches will be then calculated into Experience points and will go towards going up a rank, ranks will be visible through insignias in the lobbies and also on your character.

Keeping with the new features we see the addition of preset and custom load outs. This is where you can select your beginning weaponry to spawn into the matches with including a Primary weapon, secondary and grenades. Depending on your selected load out will also affect your player image in the way of different armours and clothing. This feature is incredibly useful for those matches with constant changes in tactics to allow you to be able to perform in any situation.

Game types and modes have been enhanced and included this time around. With the usual Deathmatch and Team deathmatches, we have Blitz, a new take on CTF gameplay where each team must attack or defend 2 canisters of Phospholuminescent Agent, more commonly known in the game as the ‘Phlag’. The attacking team must capture these canisters where as the defending must prevent the capture.

Control, also seen in Fear 1 returns where teams must capture points on the map, this game doesn’t end until the time limit is reached and then the team with the most points from the captured areas will win.

A new mode similar to Control is Armoured Front; this game mode will end when all points are captured or once the time limit runs out. What really breaks this away from Control is the use of Elite Powered Armour units. Which are large mecha vehicles which can be taken control of and used to unleash some hell and then some with, this takes gun fights to more larger open scales as normal weaponry really doesn’t stand a chance against these juggernauts.

The final game

type is Failsafe, similar to Fear 1’s elimination modes, where players only have one life but rather than last team member standing, objectives are given for the teams to perform to ensure victory. These objectives tie closely to the main story, involving a team of Replicas which must defend caches of chemical gas which the other team, the ATC, are attacking. The game ends when either one of the caches are destroyed, or one team is fully wiped out.

The game itself looks impressive. No more of that F.E.A.R. box style PC gaming here, Fear 2 definitely brings itself to the console gaming with its own style and enough to boast to keep the FPS’s today worried. The controls are relatively easy to pick up whether you’re a FPS vet or not. Whilst the online doesn’t boast a hell of a lot from what online games are like today, Fear 2 provides more than enough to keep you going until after you’ve finished the campaign.

Alma’s back and February 2009 cant come too soon.


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