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Link to review – See link for more photo’s.

Mech’s Review of the show :::

7.00am – A groggy Mechanical wakes up…Grrrr.

10.15am – After a good hour and a half going down the motorway and tada! We reach the (hard to miss) Wembley Stadium. I take a look at the queue and shudder. So where’s the rest of them you say? Oooooh rooney where are you?!!?

11.00am – Rooney, Jonesy and Jonesy’s missus turn up…talk about late �_� Still, the queue had shrunk a considerable amount so i figured it was worth the wait. We get in and my oh my was it a sight.

Here’s a rough overview of what they had at the show:

Ghostbusters The Video Game Trailers
Prototype Trailers
Call Of Duty 4 play areas
Guitar Hero 3 play areas
Race Driver GRID play area with a massive TV showing the trailers.
Two Rock Band Stages
Soul Calibur 4 play area
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 competition and play area
EA section featuring games like Army of Two, Fifa Street 3, Burnout Paradise.

Aswell as this they had a rather small area for the Playstation 3 showcasing:

Gran Turismo 5
Devil May Cry 4
Lost Planet
And trailers for Little Big Planet and other games.

On the main stage had bands playing. I wasnt aware of the first fews names but the final one was Elliot Minor.

After making our way around checking out everything there was to see, had decided to get ourselves in the ever-lasting queue for a go on Rock Band. Me on Guitar, Rooney on Drums and Jonesy taking it eaaaasy on the bass.

Not long after being in the line an organiser of the Rock Band stage (the smaller one seen in the picturs of Darce, Daz and KT) approached Rooney and asked out of our group who was the Lead Guitarist he pointed towards me and the guy asked me if i could sub in for another band as bass. I took up the challenge assuming I’d just be joining these guys in testing the game out. Sorted. I get to play the game a bit and get an opinion on it. The guys tell me to follow them and we walk down the stairs towards the larger of the two rock band stages. I start to get a little nervous being I’ve never played Rock Band before. Sure im good at GH2/3 and can nail things on Hard and Expert fine, but playing a new and slightly altered game infront of a large crowd? That was kinda dodgy. :/

Yet to my suprise we walk past the stage and further round to the main stage where the bands were playing. I stoped and said to the other band mates ‘Wait…we’re not playing it up THERE are we?’ They all laughed and said yes. Turns out, I’d been drafted into playing bass in a ‘Battle of the Rock Bands’ between us and another group. Oh. Dear.

Now…i was bricking it. After chatting to the guys and meeting our singer things werent looking so bad. Iain Lee (TV presenter) introduced the first band. They chose Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet. After messing up the first 30 seconds they started it again (not exactly the fairest of things but hey we werent bothered)

They’d finally finished the song with a fairly low score and after experiencing a fair amount of glicthes that paused the system we were informed of what to watch out for to avoid the glitch and good luck. So with the lovely Gemma Atkinson introducing us on, we took the stage and began our song Learn To Fly – Foo Fighters. We managed half way through the song until the glitch began to hit us. Unfortunately, none of us seemed to be causing it, and with our score drastically higher than the first band, after the glitch came up too much, our song was cancelled by the Stage Manager. It went down to a ‘crowd cheers the highest for’ and Iain decided on Band 1.

As gutted as we we’re we were glad to be able to take part, it really makes a difference to be on the other side of that kind of gaming (like filmed leagues you see on TV) and although we felt a little cheated out, our band accepted the decision and we were cool with it.

The first band were awarded with an Xbox and once released over here, each will be recieving a copy of Rock Band with all the instruments. My band were also rewarded (because we were obviously better) hehe.gif With an EA goodie bag and a free EA game of our choice. We were more than pleased with thier generosity at that. So good on you guys EA. Ill think of you guys when i get Battlefield: Bad Company through the post once its released. thumbsup.gif

After that, i rejoined our XBLA pack and we’re searched for more things to see and do and for more free stuff to hoard.

Me, Rooney and Jonesy managed to grab the second to last spot on Rock Band and after me getting some giggles and flirty looks from the 2 Rock Band girls in control of it (They laughed at our band name ‘XBLA Rockers’ which she pronounded ‘Rockies’) We rocked out to the choones of Queens of The Stone Age’s – Go With the Flow, but failed both times because Rooney couldnt beat the drums to save his life. hehe.gif

Overall the day was absolutely great. Got to meet and speak to more of our great guys at XBLA and i got to meet some new guys that we’re in my Finalist Rock Band too.

Cant wait for the next show biggrin.gif


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