Mercenaries 2: World In Flames Review

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Revenge is best served with a laser designated bunker buster…

We see our character (3 Mercenaries to chose from) unfortunately being betrayed for their work and ultimately almost killed. Fortunately for us, our Merc has a bad temper and doesn’t like being screwed with, roll on the explosions!

Mercenaries, back on the Playstation was very well known for its game play. You could treat any situation in 101 different ways. By allowing the player to have full control to come at a mission how they felt necessary gave the game more freedom. It also allowed people to take either a tactical method into performing your tasks, or an all out Armageddon in one of the first games you could literally just flatten the landscape…skyscrapers, castles to outhouses, if it was in your way, you could bring it down.

Whilst the first game focused mainly on bringing in key members of organizations, dead or alive, Mercs 2 follows the story of Mattias, with these target capture missions now taking the back seat becoming more side missions as apposed to the missions and challenges you undertake on your journey.

The game heavily expands on its predecessor not only branching out in size of the game but also in the armory department allowing us to call in more air strikes, weapon packs and vehicles and even combining them in the battlefield, fancy sticking something a little more explosive to your car before you jump out of it and use it to take down a building or part of a complex? Sure, go for it, hell throw a few cluster bombs in there too, if you’re going to do it, do it properly!

Most missions consist of helping out factions throughout Venezuela, there’s a majority of groups to get involved with, all who grow in friendliness and hostility depending on your actions, as you progress, more factions become involved and your map increases that little extra bit for more places and campsites.

With all the stuff to do and available the game needs a helpful control system to allow you to control all vehicles and be able to use the features and weapons quickly and wise ease, unfortunately the control system has its clumsy moments, and can be very fiddly to change air strikes in the middle of a gunfight. And if you’re not playing it on single player, the game isn’t paused whilst you’re fumbling through your PDA to select what you need. Another problem I find is ammo must be picked up manually, which isn’t an easy feat with buildings blowing up around you and armies all out to get you, stopping over a gun to press Y just to pick up the ammo isn’t the most useful features, but until we all grow gun magnets in our hands I guess we’ll have to pin this down on trying to be realistic.

This time however with Xbox Live shining through with its capabilities the big thing now is Co-op play, everyone loves it and why the hell shouldn’t you? In a sandbox style game possibilities are endless.

And endless they are, as you join in on the host’s story mode in a similar style to Crackdowns co-op. This here is where Mercenaries 2 goes from good game, to great game. With double the amount of fearless Mercenary your getting twice the amount of firepower meaning you can go all out full frontal assault or take a tactical move on enemy bases from different angles. Either way you play the game, its 10 times more explosions and 10 times more fun than playing through on your own…

Visually, the game doesn’t pull any major punches. It doesn’t heavily excel or push the boundaries, yet its still a comfortable next gen game to play, in HD it makes it all that much more crisper and even makes those horizons look like something from a postcard. With that said, the game suffers in some of the more technical graphical sides, most notably when traveling through parts, pieces of the scenery wont appear until you’ve passed them, or hit them, making travel through areas at high speeds awkward as items are popping up in what appeared to be an empty area, this includes traffic, which makes this one of the worse examples of slow pop ups to date.

Roaring gunfire and heavy explosions and air strikes cut up with humorous comments from our protagonists, that or go online and drop a Bunker Buster on your and your mates positions ‘Oh no you didn’t!’ he wails.

The game itself has a lot more depth than its first and obviously with the expansion of next generation gaming, the sheer mass of world that is your demolition site is filled with tasks and side missions to do including the HVT missions and destroying targeted buildings in certain cities and bases.

However the fun of this game really shines through in co-op, whilst the single player is fun, once you’ve tasted the experience online you won’t want to go back into Venezuela on your own.

The games a well deserved sequel, which has used full use of next generation technology to not only improve what the game had, but expand it into a bigger and more fun experience, though the game isn’t shockingly bad to play it does have its rough edges which are luckily outweighed by the game play so there’s definitely room for improvement next time round. If you enjoyed the co-op experience of Crackdown you’ll definitely love this.

Rating – 8.2

Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Pandemic Studios
Genre: Third-Person Shooter


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