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To bring our EA Artwerk exclusives off the ground, I was given the oppertunity to interview a band on thier roster who you may have heard of. With tracks appearing in EA titles such as Burnout Paradise and Fifa 08/09, Jupiter One delivers an indie rock force which cant be helped but to be liked, giving them a signature sound no matter which game they appear in.

I managed to get an interview of the New York 5 piece whilst they had some free time during thier current US tour

Artwerk and the Industry…

Mechanical R: What does being under Artwerks label mean for the band?
Zac Colwell: It means a lot of things, but most obviously it means that there are people who like our music who are actively trying to expose that music to new people, which we value in the people we work with above all else.

MR: What does it mean to you all on a personal level?
ZC: I guess we may feel slightly more validated that we’re on the right track to what’s probably our main goal- to play music that turns all kinds of people on and not just ourselves or one group of listeners.

MR: Do you believe that with the help of Artwerk and EA that more bands will be able to make the next step up to getting there break in music world?
ZC: I hope so. The people at Artwerk and EA are actually cool people who love music. They get excited the way any music-lover would. They are also really at the forefront of what’s always been the most exciting art forms anyway, which is mixing media.

MR: For other budding artists out there, would you say getting heard via video gaming is possibly a good way of getting your name out there, and how did you get involved with EA?
ZC: Yeah, I’m sure it is. At this point- a chilly November night in Connecticut where we’ve just begun recording our second album- when we tour it’s bars and small clubs in towns we may not have been before. But there are almost always at least a few folks who have heard a song in a game. They also usually get a cd and say “hey” after the show too, which is great.

Second from Right – Zac Colwell…

Music and Games…

MR: Apart from yourselves, are there any up and coming bands that we should keep our eyes and ears out for in 2009?
ZC: I’m really looking forward to Grizzly Bear’s new album. Oh, and I think Jupiter One are working on a new one too! I don’t know. I can’t ever think of bands when I have to. Luke Temple is rad. We have a lot of friends who are musicians. Just click on our myspace and see who each of us in the band has in their friends… they’re probably mostly musicians.

MR: I hear you’re all gamers, what games are you currently playing? Do you guys game online or together whilst touring?
ZC: No, unfortunately we don’t have a lot of time right now.

MR: Out of you all, who’s the biggest gamer?
ZC: K (Ishibashi). He likes Call of Duty.

MR: What games are you all looking forward to being released the most?
ZC: I like the new developments of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I suck though.

MR: What kind of feeling do you all get when you’re playing a game and your own song suddenly comes on?
ZC: I’m not ashamed to say that I’m pretty proud. I also get texts from friends if they don’t know that we’re in a game and it surprises them.

MR: Are there any games out there you’d love for your tracks to appear on?
ZC: I’m glad we have one in Burnout Paradise. Racing games are my fav. Plus it’s nice to have songs in the FIFA games. They’re more popular abroad than here and I’d like to take Jupiter One to Europe.

MR: Following on from that question, is there a game already out that you’ve thought ‘Man, our song would fit perfectly to that!’?
ZC: Well, Guitar Hero, of course!

A little more on ‘Jupiter One’…

MR: Where did the name Jupiter One originate from?
ZC: K made it up while sleepwalking. He woke up from a trance and uttered something that we just interpreted as “Jupiter One”. It also happens to be the failed first ship in Lost in Space. We’re big fans of old sci-fi and the soundtracks of those ’70s films which utilize a lot of psychedelic sounds. Mix those with rock and it’s FUN music that seems to fit in well with GAMES…

MR: Besides gaming, what do you all do with spare time when you’re not performing or writing music?
ZC: I don’t remember. We haven’t not performed or written music for a while now. Mostly drink with our friends and try to earn money.

MR: Can you tell us more about your self titled album?
ZC: It’s our first attempt at mixing two of our loves: music that is danceable and mean and rocking, and the songwriting and feeling that we feel is at odds with a lot of that music sometimes.

MR: Without pigeonholing your sound too much, your music is a definite indie pop with a lot of new wave ideas, are there many key influential artists who helped you come to your own unique sound?
ZC: A lot of comparisons are surprises to us. We thought we were showing our clear ’70s inspirations by using lots of synths from that time and generally trying to be, like ELO and The Police and Bowie and especially early Talking Heads and Genesis, but the New Wave thing probably comes about since those bands influenced the New Wave bands. But all that’s over now and it’s the present and we’re also inspired by Of Montreal and The Rapture and MGMT and Ok Go and of course Radiohead and all the other fun stuff now.

MR: Songs like ‘Fire Away’ and ‘Countdown’ can you explain what there about or their influence?
ZC: There’s no telling what Fire Away is about. Countdown is supposedly about the effects of NYC on the young mind and spirit… But you know I’d rather lyrics be vague enough to be reinterpreted depending on the mood or whatever of a listener.

MR: And finally, 2008 is almost up, what else is in-store for Jupiter One come Christmas, early 09?
ZC: RECORDING RECORDING RECORDING!!! We have a bunch new songs and we’re making a brand new album. Then we’ll hit the road and hopefully get to tour with some of our favorite bands now.

MR: Thanks a lot for taking some time out between your tour guys!
ZC: Thanks to you!

Songs appear in games such as FIFA08, Madden 08, NHL08, Burnout Paradise and FIFA09 to date.

Jupiter Ones current Self Titled album featuring ‘Fire Away’ and ‘Countdown’ is available now via Cordless Recordings.


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