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The hunt for Dr Chaos begins…

At times, we’ve all had a go at games like Whereas Wally (Perhaps Where’s Waldo for our over sea’s readers) whilst some people find them fun and enjoyable, even those who get frustrated in not being able to find what their looking for will still stick around till they at least find one thing. Unless you’ve got a bit of a temper on you.

So to re-ignite those childhood memories of the searching style game play, Interpol, brings it back in style with a series of puzzles where 8 randomly selected items hidden in the picture must be found. Find them before the time runs out or fail your mission!

The game does have a little bit of story to it, which involves you as an agent of the Interpol service tracking down a criminal mastermind known as Dr Chaos, in an attempt to track him down after he escaped, your HQ via help of 3 other men. You must collect a series of clues hidden within the locations of Dr Chaos and his associates last known locations to track them down and see justice once again to the world.

As you progress, the levels get increasingly more difficult as more detail and clutter fills your scenes in which you must find sometimes obvious and some really discrete objects to pass on. A simple warning would be that some are just down right obscure, you will need to check everything, and if you find yourself using the hints, you’ll have some moments where you shout ‘How could I see that!’. You can also unlock extra puzzles to complete the level sets which vary from spot the difference images to finding 8 of something well hidden and blended in with a simple image.

If you get stuck, you’re also given a select amount of hints which will give away the position of whichever item you really can’t find by pressing Y. The X button will bring up a magnification like zoom which sometimes aids you in looking through some of the heaps of items, although sometimes it can make things a little harder.

Visually, you can’t really talk much about a puzzle game which is essentially a fixed image. However even on a large HD television, when zooming in on the image, items can be difficult to see, sometimes even pixilated. On occasion some of the items are barely visible due to other items being in the way, in some cases, it’s alright as the item in front is one you also need, but at times, it can be near on impossible to catch some of the harder objects to find.

For a puzzle game, having some annoying theme tune or song blurting away at you whilst you focus is really something you seriously don’t need. Fortunately, Interpol has little to no music playing, and the music that is, is set so low, you can’t hear it, which makes good for those last few items that you can’t find. Focus your mind you must…

The game has a variety of different levels, each in different countries and themes with at least 3 in each country. To knock up the replay factor, the items which need to be found rotate and are selected at random, meaning each time you play that level, you’ll have different things to keep track off, making it almost impossible to remember where everything is. If you have a friend with you, you could even work together in a co-op two player mode to find the hidden items faster in order to get higher scores and better ranks on levels.

Whilst Puzzles are much to the ‘each to their own’ style, where not everyone will find interest in certain puzzle games etc, Interpol delivers a fun and often frustrating hidden object mystery game, which will keep you staring blanking 5 inches from your television for possibly quite a long time.

Rating 7.5


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