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Continuing with our exclusives with EA’s Artwerk label, I got to interview post hardcore band From First to Last, featuring on some of EA’s hottest titles new and old, the group are sure to bring some awesome tracks to future games.

I got hold of their bassist Matt Mannings to have a quick catch up on the band and what’s in store for EA games to come.

Mechanical R: Most people are probably more aware of From First To Last back with the Heroine album and Sonny on the vocals, since that’s changed, your music has taken a massive turn. The music itself and lyrics are a lot more positive and approachable by more music fans than before. Do you feel this change is a large reflection of the changes within your band and have your ideas and directions for FFTL evolved?
Matt Mannings:
Yes I think so, we are pretty happy where things are and where we are going I think that reflects in our music.

MR: Can you tell us more about the new album?
That record is mostly us just being bare bones about everything. We got to work with some heroes of ours like Ryan Williams and Josh Abraham and Brendan Obrien so we just stripped everything down and created music from the ground up.

MR: As a personal fan of Wes Borland’s guitar work, what was it like to play along side him during the live shows? Did he write any parts for Heroine or contribute anything to the new album?
WES IS A WIZARD. He definitely wrote a lot and it shines through he has
such a distinct style its hard to miss.

MR: 2008 has seen the release of the new self titled album, what’s in store for 2009?
A lot of different things going on along side the band. Travis and Derek have a band called the Color of Violence with a new record coming out in the spring and I have a clothing line called Get Free rolling out this year so we are trying to do as much as we can in 09

Far Right – Matt Mannings

Artwerk/EA Trax

MR: What does being under Artwerks label mean for the band?
FREE VIDEO GAMES!! And working with amazing people who know how to put your band in places other people don’t.

MR: How did you get involved with EA and getting your songs into the games?
we did a pub deal with them and have just worked side by side with those guys at EA and Artwerk. They have done more cool stuff for us than I would have ever imagined could be possible. I will forever love EA!

MR: Would you say getting your material heard through games is a suitable way of promotion?
I think it’s a badass way to promote. Video games

are huge and only getting more popular. Its almost as good as getting coke a cola to put your band name on their cans!

MR: What’s it like to be able to play a video game and to have one of your own songs pop up in game?
hahah that’s the reaction, just a giggle. It’s funny to me. It’s kinda awkward if you’re playing games with your friends though.

MR: What does it mean to you as a band to have your tracks heard by thousands of FFTL fans and new people?
that’s the most important part all we want to do is get our tunes to more and more people. Growing is the best part of being in band.


MR: Do you guys play a lot of video games?
MM: non stop always! Literally… always

MR: If so which are you all finding yourselves glued to currently?
Call of duty world at war online. I’ve logged in days on that game. I’m waiting on skate 2 to get here cause I’m prolly going to shred that game like there is no tomorrow.

MR: Who’s the biggest gamer out of you all?
our drummer Derek. i haven’t actually ever seen him not playing video games.

MR: Are any of you looking forward to any releases coming soon?
resident evil! The previews look so amazing I can’t wait to play that game.

MR: Are there any games you feel one of your tracks would suit perfectly?
I would like to have a tune in a badass motocross game or something. That would be sick.

Catch From First To Last’s tracks in EA titles including Facebreaker, Need For Speed Undercover, NHL 09, NASCAR 09 and Madden NFL 09.

From First To Lasts latest Self Titled album including ‘Two as One’ and ‘Worlds Away’ is available via Suretone Records.


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