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The hunt for The Jackal has begun…

Welcome to Africa, you’ve probably not heard of the problems going down here lately but two militia groups are really starting to make a warm climate a lot hotter, you’re here to take them out from the source, the one person who keeps the groups stocked to the teeth in munitions, The Jackal. But will you find him, before he finds you?

We start our journey traveling through Africa, taking in some of the sights, the wildlife, the landscapes and unfortunately the conflict. Our mission is to hunt down the man keeping these factions in supply of weapons. But as we reach our hotel, something happens, my eye sights blurred, I don’t feel right, what’s happened? I’ve got…Malaria? Oh for *#!$ sake.

Seems our keen hunter forgot to get his usual shots before coming out on his trip, leaving us unconscious and getting help from a stranger. Now rather than going straight for The Jackal, were going to have to work our way through the factions to get right to him and make some noise along the way, before he gets to you…that’s if we don’t get tetanus or the flu along the way. Hell I’d hate to be mauled by a Zebra or something…

That Zebra be eyeballing me…

We start by doing a few jobs for our saviors to get the bearings of the game, and then we get settled into the main missions. If you don’t fancy getting right into shooting you can always do a little exploring and find some hidden diamonds for cash around the area, but Ill warn you. Nobody likes you weather you know them or not, so Ill guarantee you’ll have to do some shooting whilst in your travels.

If getting straight into the main story isn’t your thing and you like to dabble a bit you can take contract missions from certain points in the area, or from Armory shops. Completing these will give you more cash, or new weapons to unlock, in which you’ll need some cash to buy with.

Weapons vary from your pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers and sniper rifles, all which should be heavily looked into before you take on some of the harder missions.

Along with these guns also come some troubles, it’s always best to keep your own guns, no matter what. The state of your gun will determine how useful it will be, rust, scratches and dirt will all influence the accuracy, rate of fire and how often it jams which definitely isn’t good as its hard enough to engage enemies in the realistic active jungle without a crosshair on your HUD!

On your travels you’ll find and meet new people who are willing to help you out. These become your buddies and will both aid you in fights and also need a little helping hand in their own troubles as you go along. When you die, you’ll fall to the ground and whilst in a dazed state, one of your friends will come a long and help you. They’ll take you to a safe distance, give you back your side arm and will then cover you till you fix your wounds. Healing yourself requires health packs which can fill your health bar by pressing LB, if your health bar is in the final red block, your health will slowly drop until you press LB. This will treat you to a rather in depth look at your character removing a bullet, or fixing a dislocated joint, those just two examples of the healing process’. Whilst not as foul as say Blitz The League II’s detail in that sort of thing, its definitely not the first thing you’d expect to see with your character removing a bullet with pliers and a knife. Ouch.

Im sure my finger didnt always stick out in that direction…

These friends however won’t last for ever though. If you die a second time after them saving you without visiting a safe house they wont be there for you to pick your sorry ass up in the middle of the jungle again, and if they get taken down you have a choice to save them, or to ease their passing. Awww.

Something rather frustrating about the game is once you take a mission; you’re almost always given a phone call by a buddy offering to do a different mission. This just seems slightly pointless in the sense that, you could easily perform both missions whilst going about doing the jobs, yet once you fully complete one, your other objective completely disappears. This only comes across as a waste of potential story, with only 33 story missions, there could be a lot more to do if you were given the chance to perform all the objectives, which would seriously enhance the play time.

Having said that, it will definitely take you a long time to do all the missions, because 9 out of 10 times, your objective will be about 4 pages of map away from you, meaning one long car journey.

The cars aren’t Forza, but their still fun to drive in each respect. Each comes with a mini GPS like you carry which will show your local position, a green light for any hidden items and you can always bring your big map up to look at whilst driving. Both hands on the wheel please!

Now whilst taking some of these jeeps and small cars for a ride through the jungle, you’ll often come to outposts, or patrols which will openly shoot at you, meaning your either going to have to take evasive maneuvers in your car or just get out and blast them fools, either way, navigating those tight jungle roadways wont be easy. Its easy enough to get your car banked on invisible items or just beach it between a few trees Ill tell you that. You’ll also learn to love your car, if you don’t fix it (Pressing Y by the bonnet when smoke appears) you’ll find yourself having to walk, and boy does it get lonely on those long strolls.

Multiplayer however will bring some extra life, taking maps ranging from all the different kinda of areas you encounter in the single player, and the game adopts a Call of Duty 4 style of taking out a select set of weapons. Ranking up from experience and mid game kills will earn you diamonds to use to upgrade your weapon sets, allowing you to change around to some of the heavier weapons in the game.

Real time fire means your going to have to watch yourself when you start throwing Molotovs…

Online has the usual deathmatch, team deathmatch, a ctf style but with diamonds and a game type called Uprising which sees captain based teams capturing points on the map and defending them.

Alongside this, comes the well known Map editor, in which you can create your own online maps to battle it out, and share online with other gamers, now saying this goes in depth is quite the understatement, varying from everything from rock faces to the time of day and clouds! Definitely not something for the feint hearted of map creators.

The game has a very realistic feel to it; your environments will vary from all out desert to humid jungle and mountains. Add this onto the real-time shadows and lighting effects and you have yourself a beautiful setting, this can be the death of you however. Enemies are often casual clothed and difficult to make out since there’s no radar of any sort. Trying to make out enemies in the jungle, with the shadows of each and every leaf available for you to see, not only adds realism but also knocks up the combat difficulty. If that’s not enough, just wait till night falls.

If guns a roaring and grenades are your kind of soundtrack your in with luck. With a rather minimal soundtrack you’re left to yourself and the wildlife out in the midst of the game. Sound are brilliant in a surround sound setting allowing you to find your way and hear enemies a lot more easier, but it may be useful to pack your Ipod with you on your journey, it gets a little lonely.

With only 33 story missions, the one thing that will keep you going through will be the collectables, all the diamonds and Jackal tapes will keep you with map and Satellite PDA in hand searching for those beeping green lights to tell you loot is nearby.

An impressive game which will have fans very happy. Whilst not having that massive appeal to everyone or a force behind it which will keep you to it for hours on end, the game allows itself to be played by any gamer, whether you’re a Halo shoot and ask questions later, or you’d like to take a stealthy approach by hiding amongst the bushes and trees, it gives you complete freedom throughout.

Rating 8.2

Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Release Date: October 24, 2008 (UK)
Genre: First-Person Shooter


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