Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Review

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Greedy aliens want our turf…

Since PC gaming and console gaming began, there’s always been the argument which usually the PC gamer of the two will usually state. First Person Shooters are so much better on the PC, something about Pixel precision or something like that, either way, its what the player is used to that matters. But what happens when you get a Console game which feels like a PC one?

Now this game is obviously available for the PC but I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic playing this. Reminded of my good old PC gaming days, online and lan matches through Unreal Tournament of old and new. And despite Quake Wars not having a multiplayer deathmatch style play like UT has it brought me back to those days of coming first in lan games and hearing everyone scream my name in anger. Quake Wars….I thank you greatly for that.

Now, to the game. Whilst not being made from the guys at Id Software

Enemy Territory Quake Wars (ETQW from now on) is canon to the Quake storyline but is a sequel to Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory. ETQW is set before Quake II and obviously has nothing to do with Wolfenstein, its just the sequel in the Enemy Territory series.

The game sees the enemy alien race Strogg, jumping from planet to planet in search of something that they need. Destroying everything in their path, the next planet on their interstellar road trip is Earth. But as always, Earth isn’t going to just give everything up.

So, the game at first allows you to choose campaign missions or start an instant action. The difference being very slim, only you have more control over the settings in the Instant Action matches.

You’re given 4 continents to choose from each with 3 levels. Pick your continent, difficulty and what side you’re on and load it up.

The game plays pretty much like a PC multiplayer match. Rather than you battling on to complete objectives, you and a large amount of your team are given complete free roam of the battlefield, as is the enemy however what makes it like a multiplayer match is the fact the game uses bots rather than just normal A.I.

Rather than the kill one guy and he’s gone for good, that downed opponent may respawns, perhaps as a different class and continue the objective he’s trying to achieve, as can you, as if you want to complete the objectives, you’ll have to switch classes very often. Matches can last for up to 20 minutes at a time, depending on whether you’re attacking or defending. Within that, every 14 seconds ‘reinforcements’ appear, this is the timer where at 00 seconds you, any downed friendly bots and enemy bots will respawns at a given base, this ensures a constant flow of battle, whether your in it or not.

Aside from all that each of the levels are your simple attack and defend kind of objectives with an added RPG element with 3 stars to be achieved for each of your classes which allow you upgrades like speed, and reloading.

The classes ensure team strategy can be applied both offline and online, allowing clans to put their full tactics to use as each class has different abilities and weapons to use.

To make things a little more interesting, you’re also give vehicles to go nuts in, these vary depending on if your playing as the human GDF force, or the invading Strogg. With GDF’s being military tanks, jeeps and drop ships to the Strogg having control of alien like space crafts, Mech robots and even jetpacks. The one downside which comes with this large amount of vehicles is there’s no tutorial in-game nor in the manual on how to control them all. You’ll find yourself picking your body parts out of drop ship wreckage a fair few times before you start dominating the fields with it.

The game doesn’t heavily rely on sound when it comes to music wise, however I don’t recommend having music blasting out either. You’ll need to pay close attention with what the other bots/commanders are saying about the battle situation, or at least so you can hear the Mech robot round the corner before you blindly run into its fire.

Whilst not a stunning performance, the game clearly shows an impressive amount of detail to enjoy the game for what it is, rather than a massive installment in the Quake series, though reported that the PC version looks better (as always stated by people) the games gunfire and explosions are enough to keep most war-vets happy and impressed.

Lifetime for the game purely depends on how much the player enjoys the game. With only 3 levels per continent that’s only 12 levels. However, the ability for playing the game as either race will change the objectives for the player (either being a defending match or an attacking) on top of this is the 3 difficulties. Where Easy provides a good resistance, Normal will give some a challenge, and hard will be see you with seemingly smarter enemy A.I. and Friendly bots who can’t tell an enemy from their own foot. As taking control over even the first few objectives will be a great stall using up valuable time you’ll need for the final objective.

Online the game pretty much follows the same rules, which ultimately have great set-ups for league/clan gaming, but not always so much for just jump in a play games.

A fun shooter for most people, but with the lack of variety may not appeal to most people at full price, this game has PC written all over it, but will still find a happy home in the disk trays of 360 fans.

Rating: 7.6

Published by: Activision
Developed by: Nerve Software / Splash Damage
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Number of Players: 1-16
Features: 720p Support, Dolby Digital 5.1, Xbox Live, Memory Unit, Custom Soundtrack


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