Tempest Review

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Published by: Atari
Developed by: Atari
Genre: Shooter
Number of Players: 1-2
Features: 16:9 Support, 480p Support, 720p Support, 1080i Support, Dolby Digital 5.1

Atari continues with its Retro attack!

Continuing with their Retro arcade games streak Atari have given us yet another flashback from the world of old school with the shooter �Tempest� Marking a 25th anniversary of when it was first launched, this �tube shooter� hit the coin-op arcade world and now has hit us again in the form of downloadable Live arcade goodness.

For those unfamiliar with Tempest, the reason it�s donned as a �tube shooter� is being the fact it�s just like shooting, down a tube. Clever huh? The levels usually consist of a shape, like a cylinder, you circle around the top end shooting anything that tries to make its way up the tube, after eliminating all the enemies, you move onto the next level. As each level progress� the shape becomes more intricate, the enemies increase in numbers and speed and at times your access to getting around the shape isn�t as easy as you may think due to some of them just being a straight line. Enemies that reach the top usually just disappear other than one enemy which will follow you around the edge of the shape often causing you to make mistakes.

The game comes with a co-op 2 player which eases the pressure off the 1st player when you get to the heavier levels which can become very hard even early in the game.

Other than being able to play on co-op the game offers very little than to play to the end or chose the level to play once you�ve unlocked it, besides that, you may decide to play the original, which is also featured in the game.

The game offers two versions, the revamped shiny pretty version, and the old school original port of the arcade game. Personally I find the newer version easier to make out regarding enemies and positioning, especially being new to the game and needing to see everything properly so I don�t lose too quickly, but if your feeling a little nostalgic�go right in for the original.

The music in the game is very quiet, very mild techno kind of music which doesn�t change throughout the game; however most of this is drowned out by my weapon firing, which vaguely sounds like the CMP150 from Perfect Dark. Shame the it doesn�t fire like one of those though.

The classic version features all the older sounds which comes with no music at all, so like all arcade games, your own wonderful selection of tracks from your own HDD will much better fit the pace of this game.

Unless being a strong Tempest fan the game can be quite short lived, the levels can be quite frantic with the some of the enemies running around causing problems, but for casual gamers that want to get anywhere with it, with only 3 lives till restarting from the beginning or a level you�ve unlocked just sometimes doesn�t quite hold my interest for too long.

Its nice to see Atari bringing back the oldies that got a lot of us into gaming in the first place, but perhaps instead of making short and simple HD re-vamps of games, they can get on and shift out some of the games the Atari fans have really been waiting for�

My Rating: 4.6


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