Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Review

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Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

Published by: Eidos Interactive
Developed by: Io Interactive
Genre: Action
Release Date:
US: November 13, 2007
Europe: November 23, 2007
Australia: December 6, 2007
Also Available On: PC, PlayStation 3, Wireless
Features: Xbox Live

The duo�s condition takes a turn for the worse�

You play as Kane. An ex mercenary who has a bad reputation with his then fellow gang �The7�. You are saved from Death Row on your way to execution by a man named Lynch. A dangerous and ruthless schizophrenic with his own secrets to hide. He takes you to The7, the gang that Kane was once a part of and supposedly betrayed. You have been given a second chance to get the money you owe the gang, in return for your wife and daughters life.

The main single player consists of 16 �chapters� these aren�t to be considered as levels but more checkpoints in the game. It starts off well, with the levels being easy to navigate and objectives are easy to understand and locate.

The levels start of as original and interesting levels, from caf� stores to Japanese night clubs to prisons. But what was strange was the out-of-the-blue change of scenery. As the story draws closer to the end, your team head off to Havana. From here, the game seems to take a turn for the worst replacing your suits and automatic weapons for Army Camouflage armor and Army grade weapons and vehicles. The game suddenly changes to G.R.A.W. than the fun bank robbing argumentative duo you originally started out with and can really make the last few levels of the game just less fun to play.

As you progress you have a number of people that you can order around to help out, the process is simple as selecting who you want of your team with the D-Pad and press a button to select a target or point to go to, sometimes you have more than Lynch to look out for so you have to keep guard of who�s around and how they are. The single player makes good use of the Third Person style with controlling your team and taking over behind objects which you learn to use more to your advantage as you progress through the game to keep yourself safe.

If you take to many hits from not learning to take cover, the screen begins to turn red and the camera angle tilts to the side a little warning you that you�re in danger, if you take too many hits, your character keels over. From there, you have a short amount of time for Lynch to come and hit you with a shot of Adrenaline to revive you; however you also need to do the same for him, and your other team mates. However taking too many adrenaline shots in a short time can cause you to overdose, ultimately leading in you dying as well. This is a good way of getting the player to take more precautions before running into battle, because they know if they go down to so again�there going to be dead.

With the selection of weapons to choose from, you�re also given some grenades to use to clear out the groups. Unfortunately, the physics on the grenades have made them virtually useless with the throwing/aiming system quite hard to grasp if the grenades do land where you want them, they more than often bounce way off target or roll in the wrong direction. It�s very rare for the grenades to do what you want due to their unpredictability.

The game offers a Co-op where the second player controls Lynch. I�d advise anyone with the game to do so as you get to play through the parts where Kane and Lynch have temporarily split. You also get to see through Lynch�s eyes during his Hallucinations. The main downer with Co-op is its not online. So you�re going to have to get your mate to come over and play split screen with you.

Once you�re done with the Single Player there�s still the multiplayer to delve straight into�Fragile Alliance

This brand new style of multiplayer forces you to make friends with fellow mercenaries online and to steal as much money from the level as you can. The idea is to work together to take all the money. But its not quite as straight forward as that�

As well as the A.I. of enemies that are around the levels which vary from Guards, S.W.A.T. Yakuza and Body guards you also have to watch out for your �fellow� mercenaries. If you�re feeling a little short in the pockets, or feel the guy taking from the counter has way to much of a smart mouth on him. You�re quite rightly given the ability to gun him down, take his money and make off as a traitor. Getting away as a traitor means you get to keep all your money you take with you, and anyone else who worked together and escaped has to split the money between them.

However if you we�re gunned down by your not-so-friendly crooks, you are given the chance to respawns as one of the guards to seek personal revenge on the one who took you down, or just to make life for the other mercs harder.

So far, there are only 4 levels to play through, each very different and add to their own set of difficulty. These run from a Caf� with a V.I.P. A mall closed after hours. A Yakuza drug deal going on in an Oriental park and a good and original bank robbery. Each game has a set time to get as much money as you can and get out, and the games are played out in rounds. Giving you the chance to get your own back on the chump that shot you down and stole your money last round.

Though the idea of Fragile Alliance is new and appealing, the main problem is playing with people you don�t know. Unless your friends each have a copy of this game you can only play online with complete strangers. This makes the feeling all that much worse when you and your team mate are running to the getaway car only for you then be gunned down on the home stretch, or even gunned down before you�ve stolen anything. Either way, when you play this, you�ll instantly feel its more fun to be shot down by a friend, than a complete stranger.

If getting annoyed at having to watch the last few matches with the observer because you were betrayed all the time, sometimes just joining matches can be a little bit of a hassle. When you join the match, if you fail to join properly, you�ll be alerted with the Dashboard telling you that you failed to join and you you�ll be redirected to the main menu. But wait�why? Why be taken all the way to the Press Start screen only to have to click through the menus to get back to the multiplayer section. Surely being taken to join game section would be so much easier? What seems like a small thing will become quite the nuisance when you�re not in the mood.

With the occasional pieces of music to add onto the fighting scenes, the loudest piece of music or most notable is what you�ll hear in the night club.

The way Kane and Lynch argue with each other is a nice piece of scripting they�ve done for the game. You�ll often hear them arguing amongst each other which gives the idea of either a love/hate relationship or just two strangers forcing themselves to work together. Which ever of the two, is up to you to decide.

One bad point in the scripting is the amount of swearing. Obviously, its been given the 18+ rating so you know what to expect, and obviously the odd course word to get the point across or the feelings of the character is somewhat sometimes necessary, but after a while, some parts just feel like they ran out of words to the say, so they added the curse words in just to fatten up the phases. Sometimes, it�s just not needed so excessively.

Visually the game doesn�t feel like a next gen game. Though the game has some nice lighting affects it can rightfully boast about the rest of the game doesn�t always look as attractive. In-game chatter is spoken through sealed lips; parts of the level that aren�t usually visible are left as clear with nothing on it. And in some areas the game just feels a little rushed.

With the single player being around a 5-7 hour deal and there being two endings which can be seen by just replaying the final chapter again and chose the opposite choice. Sadly both endings give the idea that the story hadn�t been quite fully thought through as both the endings just really don�t work very well as something to finish the game on. The single player doesn�t have anything else to offer besides something to run through with a mate.

The online, despite have possibly frustrating consequences, with friends or the right bunch of strangers, you can have a lot of fun working together to taking as much money as you can. Ultimately, the money you get from the games, cannot be used to buy anything other than in that specific match, if you grab enough money, you can buy better weapons for the next round. But on the next game you join, your back to zero.

Overall, the game is a nice game which offers some original and fun scenarios to play through, it�s also quite fun to actually play as the bad guys for a change. However as the plot thickens, the locations and style of play changes to something you didn�t really want. Though if you have a good bunch of mates with you to play the multiplayer that shouldn�t be a problem. Playing the game with friends is the best way to get a worthwhile a fun experience from it.

Rating 6.7


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