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4:50pm Myself and Zero Willis find Nbkrooney, grab some grub, avoid knock-off DVD�s and hunt for Darce.

5.00 We find Darce at a pub waiting for food with Mini Daughtry, I try to get in, but bouncers stop me and Zero for not having proper I.D, whilst Rooney just flashed his ID and walked in. So we decide to go in to the show and wait for Darce and Mini to catch up.

Once we�re inside our attention was immediately taken to the row of 12 Xbox Kiosks all with full games of Ubisoft games. 4 (Connected with Lan) on Rainbow 6: Vegas. 2 playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, 1 with Splinter Cell: Double Agent, another one on its own with Call of Juarez and the remaining four with the surprisingly popular Naruto:.

As we made our way down to the main stage area, the first of the Battle of the Clans had just finished. And the Battle of the Bands had just started. The first band, Glamour of the Kill was safe to say, not really to our liking, so we decided to try out the games at the kiosk.

As many of you know, Me, Nbk and Zero have all played the majority of the games at the kiosks, but it was better than nothing at the time. Zero Willis taking a real shine to the Naruto game, to the point Nbk was actually celebrating just winning a round.

7.00 By this time, we were about 3 of the support bands through and closing in on the semi finals of the clan matches. We had been joined by DGJ-Jonesy, Darce, Mini Doughty, Moonsun and his missus. And we managed to get some shots together and with one of the Warfighters hanging around (yet to get this picture), a friend of Nbk�s and his missus also showed up � and managed to get VIP passes as Rooney wasn�t aware he had them �_�. Unfortunately, we didn�t get the chance to meet up with Haggler R1 as Nbk hasn�t quite grasped his full Mobile Number >_<(Nbk � It�s not my fault…its a whole 11 numbers to remember!)

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] – Click to view full image

L-R: Moonsun 1, Mechanical R, Zero Willis, Darce, Mini Doughty, DGJJonsey, Nbkrooney

After watching a few of the events going on, seen repetitive trailers for R6: Vegas, GRAW2 and Assassins Creed, we were beginning to grow weary on whether we would be able to get anything exclusive for Xbla, so we started bringing in more drinks of all kinds, including shots of Jagermiester in test tubes, which came free with the VIP passes so needless to say the two passes were making their way around everyone who was going and getting more tongue.gif.

Darce had even tried his luck with Kit, from Frag Dolls UK. But we weren�t sure whether he was trying to get us involved somewhere, or just try some of his moves. We�re yet to know if they worked 

9.00pm After a while of looking around trying to hook ourselves up with some staff members at the venue, thanks to Nbkrooney�s Uni friends managed to help us turn this:

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] – Click to view full image

Into those:

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] – Click to view full image

Fancy eh? On this, we marched our way through security and bagging ourselves some shots of both the teams in the Final match of the tournament. Red being the team that finished 2nd and Blue being Relelntless Limitz.

Reduced 94%

Attached Image

2272 x 1704 (837.95K)

// <![CDATA[//

Reduced 94%

Attached Image

2272 x 1704 (829.13K)

// <![CDATA[//

From the VIP/Staff level we saw the winners being announced, the winners being.

Battle of the Clans: Relentless Limitz
Battle of the Bands: Lioness

The clan, winning �1000 to take home along with a lot of Ubisoft freebies and coverage.
The band winning 2 Guitars and 1 Bass courtesy of Gibson, and a chase of a record deal with the British Record Label �Visible Noise� (Lostprophets, BFMV, BMTH)

Well done to both winners and everyone else who managed to take part in the event.

After this, we had a chat with Jam/Kate (Red Lady here on Xbla) about what she thought, at this point, we�d hit 9.55pm and Headlining band �Dir En Grey� took the stage drowning out and eliminating any form of further conversation with our fellow Xleague.tv presenter.

Fortunately, using our (our? Hold on it was me that got things moving- Nbk) good looks and charm, we managed to hook ourselves up with an interview with the Organiser of Fuse 07, Ubisofts very own Phil Brannelly

Here�s what we got from him:
Will Ubisoft be holding another Fuse?
More than likely yes, obviously we have to look at it in a business point of view and see if the benefits outweigh the costs, but we really see this as well as other events as a way of paying back the gamers, they are the people who go out and buy our games and make us successful so this really is a way of giving something back to them and the community

Do you (Ubisoft) think this years Fuse was successful?
Ermm… a difficult one, but I would have to go with yes and no, obviously there are things that have gone fantastically well and there are other things that could have been better, but this is only our second attempt so hopefully will get the right combination in future events

Will they hold the event at the same place (Shepherd�s Bush Empire)?
To be honest we are looking for a bigger place, I mean as you just said (after me commenting on that last year saw 20+ kiosks but this time only 12)we have had to cut down on the number of kiosks that are available to ordinary ticket holders, but obviously we can�t go mad and book the biggest place in the UK if we know we would never fill it, we are going to have to draw a level to how big we can make Fuse and that�s the key figure, we need to strike a level where the size of the venue is dictated by how many people we get, although we have had a few opinions that said they preferred Newbury Racecourse(Last years Venue)

Any ideas on the event next year? In respects to possibly making it better?
Yeah a few things have jumped out such as getting a better banding system in place, and maybe bringing in better Projects. (After myself explaining about the projectors being out of focus and better quality) Yeah there are many areas to do with the screens and projectors that we are looking in to improving, we are currently working with a projection company so that maybe next year we could have the players faces shown in the corner similar to how X League TV has it, also looking in to one High-def projector that will enable us to show both screens on one projector

Do you plan on publicising more games in other events and Fuse 08
Yeah definitely looking at it like I said earlier we are wanting to give something back to the community as they buy our games

An idea that I (Nbkrooney) think would work really well in Ubisofts favour is to possible have working Beta�s or demos of games that are due for release in the coming months for everyone, as all you have downstairs are games already released, yet in the VIP bar you have 2 Assassins Creed kiosks?
We actually did try! But the Corporate guys have unfortunately said no, so it was only Ubisoft VIP�s who had access I�m afraid, but let it be known that we would actually love to do that!

There was the publicity event of Assassin�s Creed and then Fuse, are Ubisoft planning any more UK based events in the next year?
Definitely thinking about it, doing similar events like this, but at this moment cant really say much as it�s not concrete

After this we let poor old Phil go, he had done a fab job and was looking forward to some rest and relaxation. Although talking to him I we managed to gain a small sneaky fact about End War � it is going to be all voice controlled…. interesting indeed biggrin.gif

10.40pm After that, we returned downstairs and our group had dispersed, leaving Jonsey and Zero happily playing Naruto demos on the bottom level demo kiosks. Me and Rooney then learnt what else our VIP badges would hold for us�

�the Assassins Creed demo, exclusive only to VIP card holders�

Swiftly making our way back up and finding the VIP Bar, we found our way to a few more Xbox 360 Kiosks and found Assassins Creed available to play. I took a few shots with the camera and then we both got a chance to try it, before being asked to leave in time for the curfew, and bagging ourselves some of the Games posters lingering about 

Mechanical R playing Assassins Creed

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] – Click to view full image

Nbkrooney playing Assassins Creed

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] – Click to view full image

Other shots from the night:

Reduced 94%

Attached Image

2272 x 1704 (852.43K)

// <![CDATA[//

Reduced 94%

Attached Image

2272 x 1704 (844.68K)

// <![CDATA[//

Reduced 94%

Attached Image

2272 x 1704 (837.65K)

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