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Fifa is moving. Take heed to the streets!!!

A lot of views on this game have been rather filled with prejudice regarding the looks of this game. Therefore ultimately giving the game a miss. But coming from someone who’s not only not much of a football fan. But not much of a football GAME fan. To those who give this game a miss. If anything they are missing out.

What makes this game what it is, is its complete simplicity. How they’ve managed to turn the long loading times, the complicated details of rules, tactics and team skills into a simple game that can be started up and played through in less than 10 minutes.

Playing one of the annual Fifa’s maybe be what the Fifa fans have known and loved for a long time, but to a lot of people, playing long over winded games, with the need for tactics and concentrated play can just get plain boring. After playing Fifa I only ever was having fun on the game in a 4 player local match with a bunch of mates. What Fifa Street 3 gives you, is the fun from Fifa’s 4 player locals whether your playing on your own or not.

Fifa Street 3 isn’t intended to be one of those sit down and hammer through kind of games, this is the kind of video game that you fire up with a few mates and a couple of drinks before you go out, or even just for the night.

The types of game vary from only a quick match style play, or something more involved like choosing certain teams, maybe your favorite player. Getting into a game is extremely easy, the menus and game types are set out so you can instantly get into playing. All these can be customized. Each game type can be altered whether it be game time or the requirements for winning. These could vary from normal goals, to only headers and volleys being counted and so on.

Playing on the ‘pitch’ so to speak is also a lot more interesting, your given only 6 players and the areas you play are a lot smaller. The rule book has been completely scrapped with only corners and goal kicks really staying in play.

The controls of the game are really easy and simple to pick up compared to the normal Fifa games. Each button has a certain pass move, or if you’d like to show off, pressing the Y button or wiggling the right analogue stick around performs skills there’s no aiming your shots other then charging how hard you kick it, which is only determined by how long you hold the shoot button for. As well as this, your rewarded for showing off, you gain points which fill up a bar on your screen, when fully charged, you can use a power called Gamebreaker, this greatly improves your skills, your ability to keep/gain possession of the ball and your shots, however you only get a limited amount of time, and if the opposite team score a goal whilst your in GB mode, its ended.

If you think you’ve mastered to ability to show off and perform good moves in the parks, you can try yourself at the Fifa Challenges, where you chose a team of footballers and take on new teams to unlock. You must beat all their challenges for them to become yours, and as you play on you unlock more teams to play off against, unlocking new teams with new players or even un-dusting some of the older greats people might have forgotten over the years.

Amidst the rather short set-list EA trax provides the songs are all of a popular culture but from groups not as heard of as you hear on the radio, occasionally throughout the game you’ll hear some of your players call out to each other, or sometimes insult the other players in a playful manner.

Though notablely not as clean and as realistic as Fifa’s annual counterpart, the games cartoony and comedic sense to the game really does amp up the fun the game has to offer. The fact that the designers have clearly chosen to mock the players themselves in the character traits and visual appearance really shows the relaxed kind of gaming style that the developers were going for.

As well as the characters, the area’s you play in are also less of a serious tone but still really nice to look at. They’ve also included a feature from Ea’s Def Jam Icon where parts of the scenery move with the music. This has no real effect on gameplay like it did with Icon and is also on a much smaller scale I.E. Just one or 2 items in the level, not the whole place.

Though the achievements being way too easy to collect by just playing through, becoming an easy achievement game may be shooting itself in the foot., however the people who really enjoy it, and have friends whether they know a lot about the game or not, complete novices can approach the game and pick it up and play it. Leaving the games life span to as many drunken (or sober) hours you and your friends can get out of it. And believe me, that’s quite a lot. The online play however isn’t as life adding as it may have hoped. Its simply either ranked or unranked with the occasional ability to set the match type to Headers or volleys or something among the choices. A lot like just playing in the single player or the challenges.

Sadly this game has been shunned by many fans of the Fifa games as being too silly or not looking good enough. What people need to do is to just play the game and realize the game is great for what it is. Not only a solid and fun single player, but a great and interesting party game with your friends and family. If its enough to turn me into a Fifa fan, then its definitely worth a shot.

Rating: 7.8

Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: EA Canada
Genre: Sports
Number of Players: 1-8


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  1. I’m addicted to fifa at the moment! Great post..

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