Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Review

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Published by: Namco Bandai / KOEI
Developed by: Omega Force
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1-2
Release Date:
US: August 28, 2007
Japan: March 1, 2007
Europe: November 9, 2007
Australia: November 30, 2007
Anime Profile: Gundam
Also Available On: PlayStation 3

To keep all the Gundam fans happy, all the stories play along with the television series and keep the idea as close as possible. So if you’ve watched them all, you’ll know what to expect, or who you’re going to end up fighting later on in the game.

To start with, you must choose a character; these span from the original Gundam to the later ZZ series and 08th MS Team characters. Almost every series is considered and featured in the game. Each character comes with their own Gundam suit to keep a lot of variety to it. The game covers a very large amount of the series’ to keep every kind of Gundam fan happy. Once you’ve picked your character, you’re ready to roll out.

When starting the missions you’re usually given a plot of the area so you have a rough idea of what to do. Though even if you skip that to get right into the game, the main idea follows through each mission. Kill enemies, Defeat key characters. Take over fields, and eventually bring down the main key character at the end of the mission. However you must do all this before any of your fellow Gundam die, otherwise its mission over.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

Dodge this…

You are warned of your friend’s health status mid-battle when they may be struggling and losing a fair amount of health. This is your indication to start moving in that direction before everything goes wrong. This can bring up a factor which can be excruciatingly agitating. Mainly due to the fact that this game isn’t a pick up and get right into the action, kind of game. The missions last for a minimum of 20 minutes and once you get into the thicker missions, half an hour is around an average. Die near the end of this kind of time period and you can’t help but think of better, more productive things you could have put that potentially wasted 30 minutes of your life.

Having said that, its not completely wasted. The XP and kill count earned from the match (providing you save when prompted after the level) will go towards your counters, and will help towards those hefty milestone achievements.

Fighting is relatively simple and easy. With X being your melee (circular) attack and Y using a projectile weapon (straight attack). Once you’ve taken down enough enemies you will be able to use Special attacks which, as your suit levels up become more and more complex with the amount of damage and combos they give you.

The RPG theme that comes with this game is in the form of Pilot Skill and Mobile Suit Skill. These are experience points for completing missions, your time, kill count, fields taken over and key characters taken down. The pilot skill max caps off at 30 where as the Suit skill finishes at just 10, though there’s a lot more XP needed to level up your suit. Leveling up in both these areas will increase all parts of your abilities like health, all your attacks and guard damage.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

As you can see, this isnt your normal 1on1 kind of game…

Though if ranking up gets to tiresome, you can always spice things up by getting your friend round to help out in those harder to finish levels in the split screen co-op the game has to offer. This is actually quite a good feature as you play the levels from the 1st players character, the game still plays well even if Player 2 has a character that really shouldn’t be there…or perhaps is one of the enemies you come across on the way. Despite having to use only half your screen to fight off the masses this is a relatively easy way to make sure you pass the level and get 2 of your characters leveled up faster for future missions.

The in game music does have a few catchy little tunes that people may like or just a few slow beat techno fans may enjoy it. Though, as with most games, you’re allowed your own tracks to blast out. Though you may miss some of the speech said in game, but it’s sub-titled anyway, so you can just read it if really necessary.

The game has a complete cast of both English and Japanese voice over’s depending on what your used to if you watch the series. And each weapon and melee has its own chimes and bangs.

The graphics are the sharpest of most the games out there, but when you get used to it, you see what the game has to sacrifice to enable the massive levels, and to make sure the hordes of mechanized enemies keep on coming at you in their hundreds.

The nicest bit of graphics you tend to see in this game is the opening credits, which is a nice little FMV to get peoples attention and draw them in.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

Fights dont just take place on planets, you’ll be called up into space fights too…

The official mode has a total of 6 players to play through all their missions and unlock the other characters. Original mode has a total of 16 players, all with multiple missions and players to unlock.

The achievements are mainly milestones, with completing storylines with characters, and taking down totals of enemies. These aren’t small milestones however, so to get a full 1000 points, you’ll be expected to put at around 90 hours worth of gaming into this to get the full stuff.

I feel the co-op adds life to this a lot, especially as there is no online features. The two player versus however may bring in some life for those fans who enjoy a good duel.

-Conclusion: In the end, this game is for Gundam fans, robot fans, Dynasty Warrior fans, and anyone else who’s looking for a big game with a lot of fighting in it. So basically, this game is open to anyone with the slight of interest. The repetitiveness of fighting may sink in after 2 or 3 missions but its all about working through and giving it a bit of time to get used to it.

My Rating: 8.2


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