Burnout Paradise Big Surf DLC Review

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Paradise’s Extention come just in time?

Burnout Paradise is up there in the Game with most DLC lists. It’s been promised since launch that the game will be accompanied by a lot of content. It’s the only game I’ve seen in which the front end of the game and menu areas have changed about 3-4 times through the course of updates and content.

Big Surf, the biggest of all the dlc to come to Paradise was mentioned way back with the original 3 DLC’s which were ment to come. Big Surf was said to be the best and most interesting piece of DLC the game will see.

There has been a lot of new content for the game. From free dlc like Motorcycles and Day to Night cycles, to the more recent PDLC like the Toy cars, Boost Specials and Cops and Robbers. However, the content we’ve been receiving has always sounded great on paper, yet come with its small setbacks.

Examples would be the Bikes, in which could only be played with other bikes and the only races were merely timed A to B races, Cops and Robbers was only playable online and didn’t hold much to it, and now we have Big Surf…whilst its not a massive disappointment, its still feels like its not quite what we were told about back all that time.

Upon purchasing Big Surf you’ll be instantly greeted with a new license. The Big Surf Island is open and your immediately sent on your way to hunt out all the events and smashes around the island. What’s wrong with that you ask? Well, nothing. Its great fun to check out the new Stunt-in-mind created area with your new buggy, fully equipped to handle all the barrel rolls and jumps you throw yourself off. But what’s next?

As usual, the events to find are Races, Marked Man, Road Rage and some Stunt Runs. The races immediately become a little boring as due to the fact the island isn’t that large, all of the races see you going just round the island in different ways. The Road Rages and Stunt Runs are set at quite high levels, which may mean you’ll have to break out some of the Paradise city original big guns to make it through.

Alongside the events are the Smashes, Billboards and Mega Jumps. Whilst being a fair addition of land to explore. These hidden items won’t take you a few hours to collect as Billboards are very easy to find and they always seem to be close to a mega jump or more billboards. Upon getting all of each of these smashables unlocks the new cars you have access to in Big Surf.

Now those of you who have paid good money for the Legendary Car Pack. You may want to look away. Upon finishing all the events and each of the smashable stuff you’ll unlock a toy version of the Legendary car pack. This is great for those who don’t have Legendary pack, or the toy cars. Because for just the big surf, your getting toy versions of another set of DLC. I don’t have either of those packs, but it must feel intensely annoying to purchase all the new stuff, only to find your being rewarded with the same stuff just mixed together.

This alongside one of the other vehicle unlocks, known as the Guvnor, which some of you may remember back to the dlc in which we could only use when playing online, you know that giant Hummer look-a-like which was a right pain to get moving, but anything that tried stopping it was like stepping on a empty drinks can? Unlocking some of the same old stuff in which we’ve already had/purchased gives a very unimaginative feel to being rewarded. After the buggy, it gets very same old.

With only 10 challenges online for Big surf, there’s a bit load of wasted potential also here as once the 10 are done, there’s no reason whatsoever for your online party to be in the area.

Whilst being promised as a great addition of DLC, Criterion seems to have gotten a little lazy on the creativity of rewarding players, not only for their time and their loyalty but for their money. It was fair for Criterion to start asking for money after delivering so much free dlc, but the price tag for all of the following content since the Party mode have perhaps been a little too high. Perhaps not Criterion but EA doing.

The DLC add’s a maximum of 5 hours to the rest of the game, not only all this, but since the release of Burnout Paradise, there have been a lot more new racing games out there, which deliver perhaps not better, but still new and different experiences with racing free roam. The DLC may not only be a little short handed, but also too little, too late.



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