Battlestar Galactica Review

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Battlestar Galactica

Published by: Sierra
Developed by: Auran
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1-8
Release Date:
US: October 24, 2007
Also Available On: PC
Features: Xbox Live

Something not really for the fans…

With the revamped television series now comes the Xbox Live Arcade game. Now, seeing as I wasn’t a massive fan of the television series I came to this with an open and interested mind, wanting to see what this arcade had to offer to the Space genre of gaming, and sadly…this didn’t quite deliver.

Gameplay: The story be it short, doesn’t have much do it, there isn’t much of a story except for saving this fleet, or helping that person get somewhere safely its very dull and not really well thought of. However if playing the same old levels grows boring, your able to go to an Instant Action mode which isn’t much different from Story it just doesn’t have a main objective other than shooting the enemy ships.

Depth to the levels is very shallow. The levels consist of big black squares with planets on the background at either end. Sometimes they’ll even throw in some large asteroids stuck in the map for you to have to maneuver around, which makes getting around not as easy.

Movement around the area isn’t hard, but getting around the fights in the ships and managing to keep up and keep the locking on missiles cant be difficult to start off with, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes really easy. The camera angle is horrid, its at a fixed position to the lowest it can go, but you can move it upwards so your above the ship your controlling, making navigation even harder and seeing what’s ahead of you, impossible.

Graphics: The graphics are very basic for an arcade game and don’t really show anything off, there’s no real depth to the levels and its all practically the same textures and maps used every level with the added bunch of asteroids to spice it up…

Audio: Sound wise the game is very quiet, the weapons and background don’t make very much noise nor does it add any realism or make it anything special. Thankfully, its Custom soundtrack enabled so you can listen to your own tracks whilst zapping your enemies.

Longevity: With the game being only 10 levels long, and each level lasting around 5-10 minutes, the games are very short winded, and unless you enjoy a challenge, going over the game again on the harder difficulties really doesn’t pull you to keep playing. Online unless you have a lot of friends to play with, the game can be very short lived and only the achievement hounds out there will play this till the end. If you do have lots of friends with it, this however could be a little bit of fun before you get into the real gaming…

Overall: Sadly to say, the game doesn’t have much to boast other than an awkward camera angle and very repetitive gameplay. I would recommend this to fans of the Battlestar Galactica series, but I cant say you guys would be much impressed with it either. If your looking for a Deep space game…wait for Mass Effect.

Rating: 4.5


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